Scotland RoadtripJourney

Scotland. How could we possibly describe this country with words? A country we traveled in search for tranquility and to be embraced by mountains, water, trees and fog.
Maybe we should start at the beginning – at our decision to be on the road, with car and tent, in the midst of nature, far from any digital razzmatazz we experience every day. To stay creative, we need such breaks from time to time. Away from computer and cell phones, Facebook and Instagram, from virtual talks. Then, we are looking for the pure, the real and pristine. To focus who we are now and where we are heading. In four weeks, you can embark with every fiber on absorbing nature, discover the new, find back to oneself.
We love this way of travelling because you are completely free and take life as it comes. Without expectations, without obligations.
Just put up the tent at inspiring places which let you settle down. Because this is possible in Scotland we chose this special spot on earth. And why we chose especially this sort of housing.
We are far from being experienced campers so we wanted a tent de luxe (on the other hand… when you see other people building tent castles at camp sites…). We slept wonderfully on the big, warm mattress on top of our Defender. It is not like a campervan in which you can cook, withdraw yourself into when it gets uncomfortable outside. In a roof top tent you are just closer to nature, do a lot of things outside but in a very comfy way. Within five minutes everything is set up and in our car we had everything we needed.

  • Adam said:

    Awesome trip, great photos, totally wonderfull mood!

  • Anna said:

    I LOVED it, so evocative... I love Scotland but I think I rediscovered my feelings with these :)

  • Simone said:

    Oh, Wahnsinn! Man möchte am liebsten mit euch in diese zauberhafte Landschaft eintauchen und ein Teil davon werden. Was für spürbare Eindrücke ihr dort eingefangen habt. Ganz bezaubernd! Vielen Dank, dass ihr uns auf die Reise mit nach Schottland genommen habt. Ich freue mich schon auf weitere Entdeckungen mit euch! Alles Liebe, Simone

    • Liebe Simone, wir freuen uns sehr, dass dir die Fotos gefallen und wir dich damit ein wenig teilhaben lassen konnten an unseren Erlebnissen.

  • Samm said:

    Beautiful images. I'm going to Scotland next week and your photographs make me very excited. Xo

    • So happy you like the photos Samm! Wish you an amazing time in Scotland. Enjoy that beautiful piece of nature!

  • Beim ersten Bild hattet ihr mich schon. Wahnsinnig schöne Strecke. Am aller aller allerbesten finde ich aber die Bilder, auf denen ihr beide zu sehen seid. Wenn ich das sehe spüre ich, dass das einfach richtig ist.

  • Nathan M said:

    Such a beautiful couple, thank you so much for sharing. it's very inspiring seeing something like this. Keep up the good work!.