PLP PresetsPreset Pack for Lightroom

Our photo editing advanced over the years and also slightly changed. Also, we adjusted our presets for every wedding season. Here, we offer our current compilation for sale. A natural look and the charm of film photography is important for us.

Our presets are independent of exposure, color temperature and tinting, so the levels can be adjusted before or after the presets. To get a constant look, we want to edit a whole wedding story with just one preset. This preset should deliver a good result no matter the light situation. Still, a preset can always only be the basis for editing and should be adjusted individually to the initial situation of each photo, if needed.

All our presets use the Adobe Standard Profile, thus being independent of the camera brand. As you know, each brand or even each camera model has different color character. Thus, the presets can deliver different outcomes on different camera models. We use the presets with a Canon 5D MK3 / MK4. And of course, the exposure is crucial for the preset’s effect.

Have fun with the PLP presets and we are curious to see your results. For sharing your photos you can use the hastag #plppresets.

Paul liebt Paula LR Preset Pack I

The presets are only available for Adobe Lightroom.
The bundle includes 6 presets, 3 for black and white, 3 for color photography:

PLP-BW1 Classic, PLP-BW2 Dark & Dirty, PLP-BW3 Faded Black
PLP-C1 Classic, PLP-C2 In the Woods, PLP-C3 Muted Colors

69,00 EUR (incl. VAT)

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Here you can compare the presets’ effects with some before and after photos:

PLP-BW1 Classic

PLP-BW2 Dark & Dirty

PLP-BW3 Faded Black

PLP-C1 Classic

PLP-C2 In the Woods

PLP-C3 Muted Colors