Honest, authentic and curious

Standing on the top of a cliff, rain soaked but happy, the wind blowing through your hair, the salty taste of the sea on your lips. Or in the simmering heat of a pulsating city, with a glittering party in the courtyard of an old factory. So many opportunities and so many places where it can all happen, but at the end of the day only one thing matters: your love for each other.
And it’s precisely that love between two people that fascinates us. True love stories with raw emotions and honest feelings. To tell your personal story in pictures we need to be right in the middle, not just silent observers on the outside. That’s why we’d love to cover your wedding as friends and be a part of it all. Grabbing hold of life in all its various facets.

Not just the happy, joyful moments but also the quieter, melancholic and more reflective ones. We want to tell your story as it happens, without jumping in to make things happen. Honest, authentic and, above all, curious. To achieve this we enjoy going down paths we haven’t trod, discovering new countries, building trust to capture images that move people and become timeless memories.
If you are touched by our photographs and if you can picture yourselves exploring these unknown alleyways with us, and if it doesn’t bother you to end up with a little dirt on your dress or with rolled up sleeves and sweaty shirt, then take us with you along this important part of your journey and let the adventure begin.